A complete guide to the Golden Visa for US Citizens

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As more US citizens flock to the Portuguese golden visa, it becomes more crucial than ever to highlight the most important aspects of the residency by investment program life in the country, and their tax obligations.

Due to handling a large base of US clients, Optylon Krea has created a large database of tailormade information for Americans. This piece will act as a roadmap, highlighting the most important elements of information US nationals need to consider when looking into the golden visa.

Increased demand in the US

We have extensively covered the increase in demand by US nationals for Portugal's golden visa. We have also conducted a deep dive into the drivers that play a major role in significantly increasing awareness about the golden visa within the Western Hemisphere

Another piece on Optylon Krea's website also shows Americans and those with currencies pegged to the US Dollar the fiscal benefits of investing in the golden visa while the Euro continues to drop.

Golden visa overview

Optylon Krea's website contains a vast web of information regarding the golden visa, starting with a detailed guide about the program highlighting the requirements, investment options, process, benefits, and more. 

We also provide our readers with in-depth comparisons between the golden visa and other popular citizenship by investment programs, such as our piece comparing the golden visa to the Caribbean citizenship programs, or the one where we look at the differences between Portugal's program and that of Turkey

Investment options

Portugal's golden visa has a vast array of investment categories that US nationals can choose from, and investors are becoming more aware of how important the investment component of the golden visa is to their overall experience, which is why we created comprehensive pieces discussing the most important points pertaining to the most popular investment choices.

We understand that investing in a foreign country requires an adequate amount of research, so this piece highlights the most important factors to consider, as well as the golden visa investment attributes that an investor must keep in mind. 

In this piece, we take a detailed look at the investment fund option, which is rapidly becoming the most popular option amongst investors, and what an investment fund entails in terms of the total outlay, ROI, and overall benefits. 

We also compare the fund investment option to the real estate option, looking into the finer details such as the exit strategy, taxation, ROI, and more. 

As branded residencies are also gaining massive traction, we take a closer look into their evolution and rapid spread among the EU through Optylon Krea, and we highlight the staggering benefits that come with investing in branded residencies. 

In a recent interview, we also show our readers how Optylon Krea's asset management team chooses and develops projects that provide great ROI and value to our US clients. 

Tax obligations

Another important aspect of residency by investment that Americans must consider is the tax obligations of any new venture. However, the Portuguese golden visa can offer US citizens massive tax benefits that they can use to their advantage, a matter we comprehensively discuss on our blog. 

We also cover Passive Foreign Income Corporations (PFICs) and how mutual investment funds classify under the framework, and what tax obligations come with investing within them

As many US investors also have a cryptocurrency portfolio, we look into how Portugal can benefit crypto-investors, as well as the cryptocurrency landscape from a Portuguese perspective


Moving to a new country requires sufficient research and a good understanding of the nation's infrastructure. We cover this issue in a vast guide supplemented with a multitude of dedicated pieces discussing healthcare, education, banking, business operations, and more. 

Since education is one of the main drivers for immigrants in Portugal, we explore all levels of education from schooling to universities, cross-check majors with the fastest growing and highest paying jobs, as well as highlight the fiscal benefits of studying in Portugal. 

We also provide inside into the safety and security of the Portuguese nation, following it up with a discussion on the political stability that has allowed the country to flourish in terms of living standards and economic prosperity. 

Getting more information is easy

If you are considering investing in the Portuguese golden visa, getting as much information as possible is vital to your overall experience. We provide our clients with as much information as we can on our blog as it continues to grow, but for those with more questions you can contact us directly to book a comprehensive meeting with one of our experts. 

Who are we ?

Optylon Krea is an investment management and real estate development company that caters to the needs of international Golden Visa investors, with €1.8 Billion managed to date from Portugal to Turkey.
We have been the first to explore the Golden Visa eligible fund route in 2018 and are currently leading that market segment with more than € 200M under our advisory.


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