Why Americans love Portugal: Investment wins, and the allure of a European lifestyle.

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US and Portugal a growing love affair

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Our Sales Manager Valentina Sofijanic recently went to America to meet prospective clients and our investors.
Here are some insights from her trip:

What has sparked the increasing interest of Americans in Portugal?

I’d say the rise of investment opportunities in Portugal for Americans has been driven by a few factors. The Golden Visa scheme which started in 2012, was the first entry point.
From this, we saw a rise in word-of-mouth interest; friends of friends over dinner who got talking about where the best opportunities for good, and steady returns might be.
Historically Americans might have gone to Miami, or France, but then the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown happened. We saw another rise then, when people not only wanted financial security but a more expansive solution offering them flexibility to go to Europe and the lifestyle to go with it. A rise in Portuguese investment has also been politically motivated, with people wanting the ability to move around more freely. With the Golden Visa people can also bring their whole family (with certain criteria) on one investment ticket.

Beyond the Golden Visa, what are other key attractions for Americans considering Portugal for investment or relocation?

For people investing in Portugal it’s not solely about the financial returns. It’s also about what we have to offer as a country: The Golden Visa is firstly, a foot into the rest of Europe which is hugely attractive for Americans. There’s also the competitively-priced or free European education, a good healthcare system, the lifestyle; sea, incredible cuisine, the culture, architecture and more.
HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals) find Portugal an extremely attractive proposition because they know that an investment in the country doesn’t come with many requirements over the amount of time spent there.

How do Americans view Portugal after their required visits for Golden Visa compliance?

Americans come to Portugal to fulfill their Golden Visa requirements; two weeks in the country every two years. And then they fall in love with it here.
So whether or not they want to permanently relocate, they’re still wanting to acquire real-estate. The Golden Visa criteria allows them to spend some time both here and in the US too. Ando Living fits the bill perfectly with our short and long-term stays, people can be with us here for three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year, if they so wish!
As well as an investment, it’s both a diversification strategy that comes with an emotional attachment to the people and country itself.

Could you share some demographics and statistics on American investors in Portugal?

16% of our investors are Americans, mostly based in California – around 50%. And New York as well.
Demographically, it’s people that are planning to retire in five to ten years. Then we have people in their 40s and 50s who have earned well and are now exploring different scenarios. We have had some younger people, but they’ll be relocating and more than likely, they’ll get a rental agreement for six months or a year to try it out first.

Have there been any notable trends or feedback from Americans attending events or planning visits to Portugal?

So many of our guests had already booked their trips to Portugal and were so excited to find out more. I found that there was a different perception to how Americans found value in the European lifestyle. Not just from an investment perspective but the culture and the lifestyle too. The fact that politically and economically it’s a stable and peaceful place. And of course, it’s so beautiful here. That helps!

Who are we ?

Optylon Krea is an investment management and real estate development company that caters to the needs of international Golden Visa investors, with €1.8 Billion managed to date from Portugal to Turkey.
We have been the first to explore the Golden Visa eligible fund route in 2018 and are currently leading that market segment with more than € 200M under our advisory.


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We strongly believe that Portugal is shifting from a mass tourism destination to a luxury resort. That is why we are bringing momentum to the main cities by developing high street retail and prime serviced apartment projects.

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