The Doors of Investing in Portugal are Wide Open with OptylonKrea

Our companies joined together to form a Pan-Mediterranean real estate development and investment management presence. Our track record of €1.6 Billion investments that took place in Portugal, Turkey and Romania create a solid working experience for us to cater to the needs of institutional investors (Merrill Lynch – Bank of America, GIC Singapore Investment Authority, Yapı Kredi Koray REIT) as well as family offices and HNWI's. The current GDV of €350 Million in Portugal reached through the acquisition and development of mix used prime assets is a testament to our growth potential  

A Pan-Mediterranean Reach

26 Investments in 8 Cities spanning 3 countries provides the right amount of expertise and know how to steer investments in the right direction, no matter which country they are made in

Our Brands

Prima Collection, is a luxury serviced apartment concept that offers the luxury of a first-class hotel with the familiar comfort of home.  

LovelyStay, the sister company of OptylonKrea, is a leading property manager in Portugal that manages more than 250 apartments in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.  


Tomtom Designhood is a critically acclaimed indirect marketing initiative that seeks to convert the Tomtom Neighborhood in Beyoglu to a booming scene of arts and design

Optylon Tech is the data powerhouse behind the optimization of investments through real estate big data that also powers the streamlined and optimized system of Lovelystay


Experience first hand a small tour of some of our developments in downtown Lisbon to get the feeling of "being at the right place" when planning investments. Our portfolio that is situated in the touristic and prime area that is at the dead center of commerce provides an additional layer of protection to investors.