Education In Portugal A Major Driver For US Golden Visa Applicants

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Those looking to leave US shores for a better place must find somewhere that houses a robust education structure and provides them with a lifestyle to match. Enter Portugal.

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Anyone looking for a new home must explore various components related to their lives. The healthcare infrastructure, economic environment, and political landscapes are often some of the most important aspects to consider, but for those with families - or looking to establish one eventually - they must also look into the lifestyle and education systems in the proposed destination. 

For those moving to Portugal, it is essential to grasp the country's overall educational framework and lifestyle to fully understand why so many Americans make the country their permanent home.

The US boasts a standard of living that is tough to match, and its education prowess is outstanding in its own right. So those looking to leave US shores for a better place must find somewhere that houses a robust education structure and provides them with a lifestyle to match. Enter Portugal.

Top-tier education in an outstanding environment

Portugal is rapidly becoming a fan favourite amongst American expats, which is no surprise. The country has a magnificent infrastructure, operates on an EU standard, and is blessed with a fantastic, temperate climate. However, one of the main drivers for US nationals is Portugal's excellent education system. 

The EU nation places educating its populace in the highest regard, a testament bolstered by the fact that a staggering 99.4% of its population is literate. 

Portugal has provided an educational framework open to its population from infancy, as publicly funded nurseries are accessible to the public. These nurseries do not just focus on taking care of toddlers but have complex systems to help them learn critical skills needed for their development. 

After toddlers reach the age of three, they can attend one of the many bilingual preschools to integrate into the community and widen the children's horizons by enabling them to learn Portuguese and their mother language. 

In terms of schools, the residents of Portugal are flush with choice. Public schools are plentiful and offer a robust level of education, while there is also an abundance of private schools that teach global curriculums such as SAT and IGSCE. Parents can customise their kids' curriculum in many of these schools depending on their nationalities and backgrounds. 

It is in higher education, however, where Portugal shines, ranking 35th worldwide, and boasting a massive history rooted in its oldest university, Studium Generale, in Lisbon, established almost 800 years ago . Portugal offers outstanding higher education through various top tier universities and has aligned its university degrees with 49 other universities throughout the EU. 

However, what is most interesting is how this focus on better education perfectly harmonizes with the lifestyle in Portugal.

For example, the high focus on arts and culture in Universities is evident throughout Portugal's many museums, studios, and galleries. High importance placed on sports can be seen through Portugal's many well-developed national teams and clubs, especially in football, where the EU nation boasts some of the world's finest players and coaches.

The massive amount of tech programs in Portugal has also affected the market, with major tech companies setting up shops within Portugal's borders and a talented workforce that works on the global stage. 

The education system has bolstered Portugal's lifestyle, as the EU nation remains relaxed due to its laid-back populace and serene natural environment. It also boasts a dynamic marketplace and busy economic hubs that connect the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. 

Another significant consequence of the beautiful education the locals receive throughout their development years is the lingual diversity, as the Portuguese are also highly bilingual. An English-speaking person will find that communicating with the locals is straightforward and rarely requires visual aids or flailing arms to get the idea through. 

In fact, Portugal ranks seventh worldwide in terms of English proficiency as a second language according to the comprehensive EF English Proficiency Index. However, in addition to English, Spanish, French, and Mirandese are also widely spoken throughout the nation, making communication a simple task. 

The growing number of US citizens moving to Portugal, having doubled in the past six years, is no surprise given Portugal's excellent standard of living. It is also no surprise that many expats consist of families, as Portugal is rapidly proving a great place to raise children in a safe, laid-back environment while simultaneously providing them with top-tier education that aids them in fulfilling their potential. 

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