The Golden Visa quick guide, the new 2024 measures

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The good news is that the Golden Visa is still possible in Portugal!

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The main change to remember in 2024 versus the previous years is that you can no longer apply for Portuguese citizenship through Real Estate Investment, but mainly through Private Equity or Venture Capital funds, with no investment in real-estate directly or indirectly. 

To help you understand, we have created a recapitulative check-list bellow and Safak Nervo, our CCO at Optylon Krea, clarifies any remaining doubts with this very clear fact-to-fact video.  



  • Removal of direct or indirect real estate property investment
  • Preservation of €500,000 in Venture Capital/Private Equity Fund into GV eligible funds
  • Citizenship/Passports now issued 1-2 years faster (5 years after application date)


  • Minimum €500,000 investment (in GV eligible funds)
  • Application includes family members (Spouse & dependents through “Family Reunification”)
  • Live, work and study in any EU country once Portuguese citizenship
  • Eligibility for citizenship/passport without full residency
  • Eligibility for citizenship/passport 5 years after application date
  • Eligibility to live, work and study in Portugal
  • Only 7 day minimum stay requirement each year
  • Visa free travel throughout the EU Schengen zone (26 countries)
  • Be over 18 years old
  • A2 level language certificate
  • A clean criminal record
  • Full health insurance
  • Birth and marriage certificate of the family members  
  • All investment transactions issued from the Portuguese bank account  

Optylon Krea emphasizes on the importance of trustworthy and close relationships, this is why we travel the world to personally meet our existing and future investors.  

Just as much as meeting-up with a friend, we love our one-to-one meetings to explain everything in detail and make sure the Golden Visa application process is understandable and clear.  

If you would like to plan an appointment or organize an online meeting, contact our sales team at and they would be delighted to explain everything you need to know.

Who are we ?

Optylon Krea is an investment management and real estate development company that caters to the needs of international Golden Visa investors, with €1.8 Billion managed to date from Portugal to Turkey.
We have been the first to explore the Golden Visa eligible fund route in 2018 and are currently leading that market segment with more than € 200M under our advisory.


Investors from more than 40 countries


million equity managed for Golden Visa eligible funds


active funds under advisory

We strongly believe that Portugal is shifting from a mass tourism destination to a luxury resort. That is why we are bringing momentum to the main cities by developing high street retail and prime serviced apartment projects.

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