Portuguese Golden Visa guide for relocation agencies

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A comprehensive guide about the Golden Visa program for relocation agencies. How to onboard your client on the EU citizenship path with the Portuguese Golden Visa.

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Golden visa for relocation agencies

Immigration is a concept as old as time itself. To move to greener pastures is of human nature, and as the world becomes more globalized than ever, more people are looking to find their own slice of paradise. 

Various countries throughout the globe are branded as immigration hotspots, countries that offer their residents various benefits, a good living standard, and an exciting lifestyle. Chief among them is the EU nation of Portugal.

The EU itself has become a holy grail for immigrants, the vast Union offering plenty of rewards for its inhabitants, and immigration hopefuls have 27 member states to choose from. And at the South-Western corner of the EU stands one of the best places to choose - sunny Portugal.

The country

Portugal has maintained its border since 1297, a staggering feat rarely found elsewhere throughout the globe. This stability has helped Portugal flourish into the political and economic powerhouse it is today, and has made it an undeniably stable foundation of the EU. 

The country's ten million inhabitants thrive in an environment engineered to help them prosper, as attested by the continued growth of the nation's economy throughout the fifty years, and its robust GDP per capita, which now sits at a massive 22,194 USD

But the allure of Portugal doesn't just revolve around its economy, it boasts an excellent infrastructure, and an outstanding healthcare framework bolstered by the country's national health service. In terms of healthcare, Portugal ranks among the top 30 nations in the world

Education is also a great attraction, with the universities of Lisbon, Porto, and Minho constantly ranking among the best the world has to offer. 

Immigrants can also enjoy a brilliant lifestyle supported by an outstanding climate, as the nation's location on the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean provides its inhabitants with pleasant weather all year long, as well as breathtaking natural scenery. 

But what is most interesting about Portugal is how easy it is to get there, thanks to its illustrious golden visa program. 

The golden visa

Portugal boasts one of the world's most prominent residency by investment programs - the golden visa. 

The premise is simple, those who make a qualified investment into the country's economy are rewarded with a residence permit for themselves and their qualifying family members, and can eventually apply for citizenship after five years. 

The simplicity of the golden visa is one of the various factors that has seen more than 10,000 investors apply for Portuguese residence through the program, and the trend of increasing applications is still going strong. 

The requirements

To qualify for the golden visa, an applicant must meet four main requirements:

  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Make an eligible investment
  • Maintain their investment for five years

The investment

The Portuguese golden visa has various investment options to choose from, the most popular ones, accounting for more than 99% of all applications, are:

  • Purchase property for 500,000 euros. 
  • Purchase renovated and rehabilitated property for 350,000 euros, this option may be eligible for a 20% discount if the property is in a low-density area, making the minimum threshold 280,000 euros
  • Investing 500,000 euros in investment funds 

The fund option is rapidly becoming the most popular among golden visa investors, especially after Portugal announced that in order to be eligble residential property must be located within the interior of Portugal, and not in high-demand areas such as Porto and Lisbon. 

Eligible family members

Portugal allows investors to add a vast array of family members to their application; these are:

  • The main applicant
  • Spouse
  • Dependent, unmarried children, regardless of age
  • Dependent parents of both the main applicant and spouse
  • Dependent grandparents of both the main applicant and spouse

This flexibility is part of what makes the Portuguese golden visa a great method for relocation, as investors can theoretically bring all their family members along with them to Portugal.

Path to citizenship

One of the main attractions of the golden visa is that it has a streamlined route to citizenship. 

Successful applicants and their family members receive a two-year residency card, and they can renew it for the same period indefinitely as long as they hold on to the investment and spend seven days a year. 

However, after five years, they will qualify for permanent residency and citizenship, at which point they can liquefy their investment as their new Portuguese citizenship is not bound to it in any form or way. 

This simplified route to citizenship through minimal residency makes the golden visa for those looking to relocate but do not want to be bound by a long minimum stay requirement. 

The process

The golden visa has one of the simplest procedures in the world of residency by investment, all applicants need to do is:

  1. Make a qualified investment
  2. Submit a complete application to SEF
  3. Go to Portugal and obtain a two year residence permit
  4. Reside 14 days within that period
  5. Renew their residence permits until they qualify for permanent residence and citizenship
  6. Once permanent residence or citizenship are obtained, they can sell or recoup their investment

The best option out there

Portugal has become an immigration magnet, thanks to both the country itself and the golden visa program. More than 30,000 people have come into the country through the golden visa, and it is set to attract more as time goes on. 

To know more about the golden visa and how it can be the ultimate relocation tool in the world, contact us today.

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